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How to use Climbing Frames to Encourage Play

Play is a vital part of a child’s development. Children learn to use their imagination through play and have the opportunity to gain independence. Outdoor play is especially beneficial for a child’s health and can provide a variety of important skills which will benefit them as they grow. Children can see the opportunity to play in almost any environment and it’s important for adults to encourage kids to play where appropriate. However, kids and adults can see play in very different ways.

kids climbing frames

How Kids See Play

Children can see play differently to adults. While Teachers and parents have a very narrow view of play as a series of actions, kids often see play as an interesting activity in which they can immerse themselves in. Almost any environment has the potential to become a playground as kids see the opportunity to use their imagination anywhere. Kids can also draw a solid distinction between activities which are boring and ones which provide the opportunity to play. For example, watching TV is passive and can be boring. Play provides physical activity and socialisation with other children. This is where playgrounds and climbing frames provide many opportunities for imagination, physical activity and play.

Everyday Activities and Play

From a child’s perspective play is a holistic experience. It may not look like this to adults, as they may see it as a specific activity. Play involves complete immersion in their environment. Even everyday activities which seem like a chore to adults can be seen as an opportunity for play to kids. Children like to participate in everyday domestic duties because they see it as fun, and they can make it fun!

Adults Don’t Always Value the Importance of Play

Some studies have shown that children feel that adults don’t always see play as important. Adults can often interrupt play abruptly to do something that they feel is more important, such as tidying up or having a snack. While interruptions are sometimes necessary, it’s helpful to give advanced notice so that the child can prepare.

How to Encourage Play

Play provides many opportunities for learning and growing, and is beneficial to a child’s overall health and wellbeing. Play is great for developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Outdoor play is important for kids on a regular basis, especially today as kids spend much of their time indoors. A dedicated play area at home can provide a safe and convenient place for fun. Kids climbing frames are the perfect backyard addition which will not only provide an area to play, but will also promote physical activity and health benefits.

Play is an important activity during a child’s development. It helps to promote problem solving and critical thinking. Play encourages a child’s imagination and benefits their social skills. Regular outdoor play is also very important for kids to learn about their limits and increase their strength. Kids climbing frames can be the perfect way to encourage regular outdoor play. Climbing frames not only get the kids outside, but they also benefit physical fitness and overall wellness.