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About Us

Established in 2018, Growplay Monkey Bars brings the spirit of adventure to families across the United States. Our founders, Shane and Dylan, childhood friends bonded by a passion for exploration and fun, have crafted an experience tailored for American homes.

With operations spanning continents, including facilities right here in the USA, Growplay Monkey Bars embodies the essence of quality and safety that American families seek. Our commitment to excellence is driven by the joy of children who swing, climb, and play on our monkey bars day in and day out.

As seasoned award-winning product designers, Shane and Dylan bring their expertise to every detail, ensuring that Growplay Monkey Bars are not just equipment but gateways to a lifetime of cherished memories. From suburban backyards to bustling neighborhoods, our mission is clear: to inspire adventure and foster community connections.

Join us in creating moments of laughter, growth, and boundless fun. Discover why Growplay Monkey Bars have become a beloved staple in American homes nationwide.

You get more with Growplay

Since day one, our priority has always been to give you more.

Whether it's more value for money, more accessories included with your frame, superior quality, more safety or a longer warranty. Enjoy the peace of mind and value for money you get with Growplay.

Expertly designed and engineered products

We make our products to last the entire span of a childhood.

Cutting corners is not in our vocabulary. All our products, including frames, parts and accessories are designed in-house. We won't compromise on quality and that's why you won't find any 'off the shelf' accessories or parts in our warehouse; they are all custom designed and built to withstand the harsh weather conditions and years of play.

We put the well-being, health and development of children at the centre of everything we do

Having kids of our own we know the importance of outdoor play, taking risks, social connection and being active.

We aim to create the optimal play environment to support children's emotional and physical development.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing families and friends connecting and creating memories together in their own backyard.

The safest & sturdiest monkey bars

Each product is extensively tested and made to exceed every industry safety and quality standard there is.

We use thick steel with reinforced bracing for safer play. Our patented easy-to-use ground anchors ensure your frame will never tip, without the need for any digging or concrete.

Growplay products are independently tested and certified to USA Standards ASTM F1148-22, Australian Safety Standards AS468 and European Standards EN 71-8:2018.

Our Values

We won't compromise on quality
We design and test all our frames, accessories and parts in-house to ensure we produce the highest quality product that lasts a generation. We're not willing to cut corners at any stage of the design, manufacture or delivery process.

We care
We care about children's health & well-being. We care about parent's peace of mind. We care about quality and safety. And we care about continually improving so our customers are never disappointed.

We innovate
We always push the boundaries of what's possible and continually exploring ways to maximize the fun for kids while making our equipment safe, and long lasting.

We're kid and family friendly
We put kids and their families and friends at the center of everything we do. We always strive to create great adventure experiences for children whilst putting parents at ease with our no-tip frames, 10 year warranty, genuine parts, smart design, quality materials and safety standard accreditation.

We're for fun
We always strive to have fun in everything we do and we believe all childhoods should be filled with an abundance of fun.