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Monkey Bars

Get ready for an exciting outdoor adventure with Growplay Monkey Bars! Designed in-house and independently tested and certified to USA, Australian and European safety standards, Growplay Monkey Bars are the perfect solution for any backyard playground in the USA. Our innovative range of kid’s freestanding and modular monkey bars are designed with safety the priority. Height-adjustable, easy to assemble and durable in all types of weather conditions to last through the harsh climate for years to come.

Monkey Bars USA

Let your kids be kids with Growplay monkey bars, designed specifically for American families. Not only are our backyard monkey bars safe, affordable and long-lasting, but they will encourage your kids to get outdoors and increase their activity! 

Monkey bar play equipment provides the perfect solution for entertaining the kids while keeping them healthy and fit. With an increase in technology, it’s easy for kids to forgo the outdoors with the vast array of indoor activities now available. Our monkey bars provide endless hours of fun, while the high quality of our materials ensure that your kids will be able to enjoy our free standing monkey bars for years on end! Our monkey bars can also grow with your kids, with all our products being height adjustable, which is also great news for families with kids of multiple ages.

Kids Monkey Bars

Our backyard monkey bars for kids, allow kids to increase their strength while developing the coordination skills crucial to their overall development. The possibilities of a metal swing set with monkey bars are endless, which require kids to build their upper body and core muscles by having to use grip strength to sustain their body weight. Our monkey bars and swing sets encourage kids to swing, hang and twist, which all greatly attribute to the development of fine motor skills. These skills improve kids’ ability to coordinate small muscles and fine motor skills used for handwriting and drawing.

Another great reason to invest in monkey bars for kids is the opportunity to learn how to overcome both physical and mental challenges. While the feeling of fear may be experienced the first time kids play on their monkey bars, this allows them to set goals and become determined to achieve them. Upon achieving their goals, children will feel a sense of accomplishment, which is great for their overall confidence and will encourage them to tackle more challenges in the future, instead of shying away.

The most important question you should ask yourself when looking to buy monkey bars USA wide is ‘are these monkey bars safe, secure and reliable?’. Our range of monkey bars and swing sets for kids are not only made from high quality galvanised steel but are load tested up to 2000lb, making them great monkey bars for adults too, for ninja warriors, gymnasts, callisthenics, workouts and more. When purchasing a monkey bar set, it is important to consider their colour and size, and with our funky design, they will look great in your backyard for the next 10-15 years. 

Freestanding Monkey Bars

Freestanding monkey bars allow for the equipment to be moved around your backyard, while the unique design allows for easy assembling. For monkey bars for kids that you can trust, you can’t look past Growplay's range, providing endless years of safe fun for all age groups! Skip the park and encourage daily active play within the comfort of your own home.

Compact Monkey Bars

Compact Monkey Bars by Growplay are a game-changer for small backyards! The new freestanding climbing frames are designed for the American family home with narrow or compact space requirements.